Essential Oils

Essential oils are a big buzzword right now. It seems that every store we go into has a special “health” section of oils and that everyone’s an expert.

As a trusted Nutritionist, I have your best interests at heart. I’m fully trained in how and why essential oils work and will not steer you wrong because of something I read in a magazine or read on Facebook. My recommendations are based on science and fact.

When I chose essential oils to work with in my practice, it was because I was seeing results, often immediately and without the side effects that synthetic substances can have. I was hooked. My clients were using 2 drops of a plant substance, getting results, reducing discomforts, reducing stress, and staying on their nutrition plan long enough for lasting change to take place. That’s a WIN.

My own EO journey began with a bottle of Vetiver. For twenty years, I had wrestled the “sleep demon” and lost. I would sleep 2-3 hours a night, tossing and turning and waiting for morning to come.  I was perpetually drained.  The first night that I used Vetiver oil (sourced in Haiti) I slept for 6.5 hours and I’ve NEVER gone back to my old sleepless self. A drop on the bottom of my feet at night is all that I need to send me into dreamland.

The key with essential oils is to find a product that is of the highest quality and purchase from someone that you trust.

Look for a company who values educating it’s customers and a brand  that does not use chemicals, pesticides, or fillers and is third party tested. Look for a leading company in the field. The company that I trust is on the Forbes top 10 list of companies to work for and is the number one essential oils company in the world. It’s important that essential oils are ethically sourced and are of a medicinal quality.

For many people, essential oils have changed the way that they are able to function in the world. They may have suffered for years with seasonal allergies, or digestive issues, headaches, insomnia, or any number of “minor” health issues only to discover essential oils that completely alleviate their discomfort. When combined with proper nutrition, they truly have a new lease on life.

Maybe you have a hyperactive child who you would do ANYTHING to help him concentrate in school or to make friends. Essential oils work for this too.

If you’re curious about how essential oils could work in your health care plan, schedule your FREE consultation here or join me for an EO workshop.

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Some of the reasons to use Essential Oils

  • Support better sleep
  • Reduce snoring
  • Reduce seasonal allergy discomfort
  • Ease stressful and anxiety
  • Support healthy immune function
  • Eliminate uncomfortable digestive feedback

Regular Essential Oils Classes are held at Serendipity Lane Yoga Studio on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-7:30 pm. You can find a list of topics here.
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