Looking to Join a Winning Team?

With 16 years of business experience under my belt, believe me when I say that I know customer care. I know business. I know retention. I create RESULTS.

Fed up with the grind?

Ready for time freedom? What does that even mean? What does it look like in real life?

What it looks like for the first couple of years is WORK – solid, consistent actions. After that, it can look however you want it to look. Dream of life in the Florida keys? A hobby farm on 50 acres? Being able to volunteer at your child’s school? Firing your boss?

You get to CHOOSE.

Today I will do what others won’t so that tomorrow I can do what others can’t.

If you are MOTIVATED to succeed, a self-starter, have a heart of service, and are TEACHABLE, we need to talk.

While not necessary, a background in the health care field, education, or commerce would be an asset.

To book an interview for a key position on my team, send your resume along with a cover letter all about YOU. I want to know you – your lifestyle, your goals, work and management style, business attributes and more! Make yourself SHINE

Meet some of my Team:


Meet Colleen. A 50’s something woman who “gets” REAL health. She’s done with fads and she’s digging deep into proper nutrition and holistic wellness, bringing together mind, body and spirit, to live her best life. With a background in business and communications Colleen is in her element with her doTERRA business. After a near death experience a year ago (when her doTERRA cheques kept coming BTW) she’s taking life by the horns and going balls out for her best life. Colleen plans to travel and live in a tiny home on acres of land where she can grow her own food and live her own life!


Meet Andrea, 27 who came to a presentation as a couples night out and fell in love with essential oils.

She’s excited to be building her side hustle to provide her with options when her current work contract expires. She now works up to 70 hours a week in the oil industry and is DONE with being tied to a desk job and trading time for dollars. She’s working towards making enough that she can be location independent and be home part time with her children, when they arrive.


Ingrid is an RN, RHN, and has a BA in Psychology.

She works for the Federal Government and spends her off time building a side hustle with doTERRA. Ingrid and I met in a Wellness business Academy that we are a part of and also attended the same nutrition school. With 3 girls to put through university, Ingrid will need every cent of extra income she can make!


Carole is a single mom who works in the Health Care Industry. She’s raising 2 beautiful children and building a second income with doTERRA. Carole’s goal with her doTERRA business is to make enough money to allow her to work part time, outside the home. She dreams of spending quality time teaching her children to become awesome adults.

In her words, “This fast paced world has and will continue to make the next generation very hard on our children. I want to travel this beautiful country with my wife and family.”

Julie is a 30-ish former corporate executive for Formula One. She holds a Bachelors in Psychology and Marketing. Like me, she decided to change her life and went back to school to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. We attended the same school and Julie went through a lot of BALANCE OIL that year! Julie is bilingual and is building a doTERRA business as part of her Holistic Nutrition Practice. She’s working towards financial freedom and independence.

Life on her own terms.


Dr. Kathy Wickens, uses doTERRA essential oils in her Chiropractic practice in Perth, Ontario. Her daughter, Ashley Finnigan is her office manager and her doTERRA representative. Dr. Wickens’ patients love that doTERRA oils offer relief of symptoms while they are doing the work to repair their bodies.

Corissa is a retired RN. Originally from Manitoba, Corissa is building her doTERRA business across Canada. She does doTERRA full time and is working towards living full time in Costa Rica, doing doTERRA from the beach.


Kayla is in her early 20’s and works full time rotational work in the oil industry. She was at Andrea’s “couples class” and she and her boyfriend fell hard for the doTERRA vitamins, especially. She’s a fun gal with a winning personality who shares doTERRA with her friends and family and earns enough to get her products, including her monthly vitamins, for FREE.


Denise Duval is employed full time with the Canadian Government. She discovered essential oils at a class in a friend’s home and has now become the “go to healer” in her circle. Denise is passionate about essential oils and travels EVERYWHERE with them. Denise is looking to build a retirement where she is truly FREE and to help her adult children as much as she can.


Carolyn Barter is an old friend from my retail business days. Carolyn also owned a retail store and is an expert in customer care. Now retired, Carolyn is building a doTERRA business and in February, will cross a family trip to Mexico off her bucket list. Her doTERRA hustle is allowing her to take her ENTIRE family (kids, grandkids, spouses) on this once in a lifetime trip.


Francine Taillon is an RN and Foot care nurse.

She’s married to Tom and is a mom of one beautiful girl and step-mom to 2 grown boys. Francine stays active by running and practicing yoga. She loves spending time at her cottage with family and friends.

Francine is aiming for Silver rank in doTERRA and dreams of taking 6 months off to explore Mexico and home school her daughter, Mia.