One decision can change your Life

Just 3 short years ago, my life was in shambles.

I was completely burned out. I decided to close my successful retail business and go back to school.

What followed was a road through hell and back.

I can’t even tell you the tailspin that my decisions put us into. You see, I have this way of looking at life as though time is running out. I have to do everything NOW because what if I don’t get another chance? Besides, everything always works out, right?

Well…. sometimes it takes a while – which we learned the hard way.

The collapse of the business through sales that fell through left us close to 100,000 in consumer debt. We had 2 mortgages (one on our home and one on our commercial building) 1 child in university, me and our youngest child in college.

We were drowning. Truly.

Enter my friend Patty Hulce. At that time, we were merely acquaintances.   She kept messaging me about doTERRA essential oils and how I should be selling them since I no longer had my store.  She was convinced that they would be a good fit with my nutrition business.  I thought she was nuts.

Honestly, I’m like WTF? She can’t be serious. What on earth am I going to do with essential oils? I don’t have any health issues (if you don’t count the fact that burnout had literally burned my guts out and I could barely digest food!)

Besides, who sells bottles of essential oil for a living? Hippies? Nomads? Doesn’t she realize who she’s dealing with? I’m seriously pursuing a holistic nutritionist certificate here. I don’t need essential oils (insert embarrassed, downcast gaze here)

Her Facebook page at the time was called Patty and Kenny’s next big Adventure. I remember thinking “I’ve got my own adventure going on just now thanks – don’t need any of yours!”

To this day, I have no idea what made me say yes but I’m damn glad that I did.

It’s been 3 years.

We now have one small mortgage.

Our consumer debt is almost paid off.

I owe the progress we’ve made to one thing and one thing only. doTERRA .     

I work hard at my business and I love it. My clients love that doTERRA essential oils become a part of their road to wellness and recovery. They see results.

If you’d told me 3 years ago that I’d be leading a team of 2500 people, that I’d a vehicle for health transformation, both financially and physically, I wouldn’t have believed you. I couldn’t see my way out of that dark place we were in. I had no vision – but Patty did. Patty had vision enough for me when I didn’t have it for myself.

If you’re looking for a change in circumstance. If you’re tired of being kicked around by life, of not having options. If you love to work on your own but crave the fellowship of a supportive team. If you love to learn about health and see people transform before your very eyes, this could be your lucky day.   You’re reading this for a reason.

Join me? Let’s go change the world.