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I’m your girl! Who DOESN’T want to learn how to live a more vibrant, radiant life? How to sleep better? Digest their food? Help their children focus?


A Mom’s Guide to a Healthy Brain

Are you concerned with your child’s lack of attention? Does it worry you that she can’t sit still in class? Is he acting out? Does it feel hopeless?

I can help! There’s SO MUCH that we can do with nutrition and essential oils to help children to function at their best!

Wanna know a secret? This is my FAVOURITE workshop to run!

The Dreaded Detox

We hear it every day. Someone is always talking about “this detox kit” or “that detox kit.”

Feeling sluggish? Is your liver tired? Does your colon need a clean out?

How would you even know?

I can take the guesswork and the misery out of cleanses and detoxes and help you to get yourself on the right track – no kit required.

What’s the Hype about Essential Oils?

Essential oils are on everyone’s radar all of a sudden. What’s the hype about? Are they worth the price of admission? Is it some type of voodoo for people who are slightly insane?

Do “normal” people get into this stuff or is it just for hippies? How do you even use them anyway? What do they do? Do they work or is it all in your head?

This workshop looks at the science behind Essential Oils and covers 10 of the most basic oils and how to use them.

Raging Hormones

YIKES. Where to start? Is your month RUINED by your hormones? Do you feel like you hardly have any “normal “ days anymore? Feeling bloated, breast tenderness, carb cravings, heavy and/or irregular periods, hot flashes, night sweats, muffin top, vaginal dryness ?? Any or all of the above?

This workshop is for you! You DO NOT have to be ruled by your hormones. I promise!

In this workshop we’ll cover nutritional and Essential oils support for even the most out of whack hormonally suicidal friend in your life! (‘cause we know it’s not you, right?)

White Death

The truth about sugar. Bottom line. What’s it doing to your brain, your mood, your body, and your aging process? Is it worth it?

How on earth can you give it up and not want to KILL someone in the process?

Some startling information about just how detrimental this “white death” is to your health and how you can kick it for good. Honestly.

Stress Much?

Who doesn’t? In this workshop we cover the many nutritional ways that you can reduce the affects of stress and support mental health.

Aromatherapy has long been used to boost mood. We’ll cover why this is important and how you can make it work for your own mental health.

Many other topics are available.

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