Work With Me

What if:

  • You had the energy to get through the day sans caffeine?
  • You slept through the night and awoke rested?
  • You weren’t bloated, constipated, or running to the bathroom all of the time?
  • You had tools to manage stress and anxiety
  • You were able to manage your weight effortlessly without fad diets?
  • You felt like you had your hormones under control?

There are so many ways that we can work together to make all of these things happen.

I’ve been where you are and come out the other side. It took a total burnout to make me understand that I needed to value my own health first. Maybe you’re there now. Let’s change your life for the better, shall we?

Choose your package below.   Have questions? email me to go over which package best fits your needs.

Ready to take the bull by the horns?  Let’s chat!

In person and online appointments are available.  Nutritional offerings are listed below.  I also offer Aromatherapy Massage and Yoga Sessions, tailored to you.


Health Check in – In this 40 minute appointment we’ll go over your 1 most pressing health issue and evaluate what you’re doing now. We’ll make small tweaks that pack a punch. Together, we’ll review your food journal so that we can do some trouble-shooting to get you on the right track


Digging Deeper – This package consists of 2 appointments. The first is an intake appointment with an in depth review of your lifestyle, medical and family history, health concerns, etc. It includes a computer analysis of your current nutritional status and a personalized plan of action to take. Your second appointment is to go over your plan in detail together so that you know that you can implement the changes with ease.


Game Changer – Are you all in? This is the package for you.  You get everything in the above packages PLUS a doTERRA large starter kit, an essential oils diffuser, a wholesale membership to purchase EO’s at 25% off for a year, and an extra follow up appointment.


Follow up appointments can be purchased solo or in a package.

Note: By purchasing follow ups in a package, you’ll not only save money, you’re more likely to stay on the path to better health!

1 session = 45.00

6 sessions = 250.00

Nothing happens until something moves.
- Albert Einstein

Together, we can:

• Engage in nutritional counselling
• Put you in the drivers seat for your own health
• Interact in classes/workshops
• Empower you to plan better to feel better

If you’re in the Ottawa Valley area,  you can book an appointment to see me at Serendipity Lane Yoga Studio in Smiths Falls.   If you’re out of area, online appointments are available via Zoom.